Anatomy of lower back pain

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Price :£200
Location :King's College London, Guy's Campus, London SE1 1UL, United Kingdom
Start Time : 09:00:00 AM
Start Date : Apr-15-2019
End Time : 04:00:00 PM
End Date : Apr-15-2019
Event Description

AM: Spine, spinal cord and CNS
PM: Pelvis, postural support muscles and the pelvic floor

In this busy day we will aim to examine as many areas and ideas surrounding lower back pain as possible.  Whilst most of us will appreciate that lower back pain is rarely solely associated with the lower back, we will aim to construct a narrative that allows for other areas to be considered.

The morning session will discuss and examine the spine and central nervous system, including some elements of the brain.  In the afternoon we will examine the role, if there is one, of the abdomen in back pain and explore some of the ideas surrounding core stability and the pelvic floor.

Posted By Julian Baker / Oct-30-2018

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