ATSI Advanced: Module 1 – Deeper Grounding

  • Advanced Structural Integration
  • Aug-19-2022
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Event Information
Venue :Anatomy Trains Classroom
Location :180 Clark's Cove Road, Walpole, ME, 04573
Start Time : 12:00:00 AM
Start Date : Aug-19-2022
End Time : 12:00:00 AM
End Date : Aug-22-2022
Event Description

Advanced Assessment, Strategy and Techniques for Pelvis and Legs, Ligaments and Deep Structures
presented by Tom Myers

Early bird price of $750 held until July 19th, 2022 / $850 thereafter

This 4-day intensive is the first of the 5 modules required for ATSI Advanced certification, although these first four modules are independent and can be taken in any order. This course covers advanced techniques for the pelvis and legs. This includes ligaments in the foot, the interosseous membrane in the lower leg, advanced techniques to free the strong knee ligaments, the septa in the thigh, deeper work with the hamstrings, and the many important pelvic ligament sin the hips and low back to free and balance the SI joint. The idea here is to free the legs and pelvic movement to create a smooth running ‘spinal engine’ in gait and performance.
There is the opportunity as well to review any techniques from the ATSI 12-series training. Please review the material on the Balancing the Pelvis DVD / video before attending.

This is Module 1 of 4 modules in the ATSI Advanced Series. These are based on the 4-series that Tom has developed since learning them from Ida Rolf in 1978. Each of the modules covers one session, with supervised clinical practice in the final module.
• Session 1 / Module 1 covers pelvis and legs strategies, ligaments and deep structures
• Session 2 / Module 2 covers the breath, rib cage positioning, and deep work with the sternum, mediastinum, and individual ribs.
• Session 3 / Module 3 is for the shoulders and arms, especially the many ligaments and deep structures of the shoulder assembly.
• Session 4 / Module 4 is a deeper exploration of the head, neck, and jaw, including the hyoid system and tongue, the ligaments of the neck, and structural / cranial work.

These sessions are followed by a clinical practice in applying the 4-session series to post-10 clients that is required for certification.
These sessions are designed to go deeper to the ‘inner bag’ compared the initial 12-series that tours the entire ‘outer bag’ of the myofascial meridians. These sessions focus on techniques for the Anatomy Trains ‘stations’ – myotendinous attachments – and release of the ligamentous bed for each section. In these modules you can also review techniques from the original series.

The first three modules can be taken in any order, but these 4 modules / sessions must be completed before the practicum – session-based clinical practice – can be taken to achieve ‘Advanced ATSI Practitioner’ status. We will offer new modules when our schedule permits and where there is sufficient interest.

Who is this workshop for?
This course is open to ATSI graduates, IASI members, or graduates of a recognized program in Structural Integration only. If you have questions about whether or not you qualify, please email info@anatomytrains.com

Please check with the office before making non-refundable travel arrangements, on the chance that the course is under-enrolled and may be canceled. 

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