Basic Training 2023-2025 Italian

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Location :Turin, Italy
Start Time : 12:00:00 AM
Start Date : Sep-04-2023
End Time : 12:00:00 AM
End Date : Sep-30-2023
Event Description

The second edition of the course in Structural Integration will start in September 2023. This second edition will also be in Italian, based in Turin and will be modular with 20 three-day meetings.

Course description

The European Guild for Structural Integration is guided in the teaching of Structural Integration by fidelity to the philosophy and vision of the human being that have been transmitted by Dr. Ida Rolf. The basic series of 10 Structural Integration sessions, without additions or modifications deriving from other modalities, is the heart of our training.
The 20 modules are divided into three phases:

Phase 1 - With six three-day weekends for a total of 152 hours in class
  • Skeletal and myofascial anatomy
  • Biomechanics and Structural Integration
  • Fascia physiology and biochemistry
  • Analysis and interpretation of human structure and movement in order to conceive coherent strategies for manipulative interventions that can improve the structure
  • How to behave in a therapeutic relationship
  • Exercises to adopt for self-care in order to become a competent IS operator
  • Anatomy and theory of the 10 Basic sessions
  • In this phase the participants will be able to see the 10 sessions practiced by the two teachers. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the anatomical territories of each session and begin to develop the vision and touch skills typical of this approach.
Phase 2 - Six more modules for a total of 152 hours in class
  • Practice of the 10 Basic sessions during which the student operators exchange work with each other
  • The participants in this phase, in addition to seeing the 10 sessions again, will begin to practice them one on the other with the supervision and guidance of the teachers.
Phase 3 - Eight more modules for a total of 202 hours in class
  • In this phase, under supervision, each participant will practice the 10 Basic sessions on 2 external models.
  • This more eminently practical phase also contains experiential portions to introduce, among other things, the concepts related to the work that can be done after the first 10 sessions
I study at home
  • In addition to the above, participants should consider at least 500 hours of home study and practice.
  • The course will be taught by  With the aim of enriching the participants' vision as much as possible and giving as much connection as possible to Dr. Rolf's original teaching, some modules may be conducted by bearers of Ida Rolf's lineage and there will be opportunities to have Aleš Urbanczik , the director of the European Guild for SI and Adam Polański.


  • To access the course, it is essential to have received the complete cycle of 10 Structural Integration sessions and to have at least 230 hours of training on touch/massage. The exhaustive list of admission pre-requisitesit can be consulted here.


  • The cost, inclusive of 22% VAT, is distributed over the duration of the course. An enrollment fee of €1,600 is followed by 6 quarterly installments of €2,000. For a total of €13,600 including VAT. The cost also includes weekends with guest teachers.

Dates of basic training 2023/2025

  • The dates of the course will be defined before the start of the same.

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