Culture of the core with Alyssa Dodson

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Price :1440 € , including VAT 19%
Location :Brunhamstraße 19A, 81249 München, Germany
Start Time : 10:00:00 AM
Start Date : May-20-2022
End Time : 06:00:00 PM
End Date : May-29-2022
Event Description

Culture of the core, in Munich- Germany

8 day workshop with 

Alyssa Dodson from  New York 

based on the work of Liz Gaggini

Date: May 20-29 2022 (2 days off are May 24+25)

This course is designed for the Structural Integration practitioner interested in learning a visceral approach that supports and enhances their structural work. One of our goals of Structural Integration is to affect the client’s alignment, balance and kinetic behavior. Sometimes, just organizing the myofascial components does not aid in the sustaining support and full embodiment we hope to impart to our clients. In these cases, a fascial visceral restriction may be the cause and/or a part of the problem of misalignment and imbalance of kinetic dysfunction. If so, we need to be able to assess for a visceral component, and if found, address it.

This course will cover the fascial anatomy of the following organs along with each organ’s relationship to surrounding organs and the myofascial and bony structures: 

Large Intestines Small Intestines Stomach and Liver Lungs and Bronchi Pericardium, Bladder, Ureters, and Kidneys Uterus and Prostate

Organizer: Andrea Clusen

For more information please contact mail@rolfing-ac.de

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