Essential Movements for Daily Living Mary Bond

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Location :Máchovy Schody 242/5Město, 412 01 Litoměřice, Czechia
Start Time : 12:00:00 AM
Start Date : Apr-21-2023
End Time : 12:00:00 AM
End Date : Apr-23-2023
Event Description

Essential Proprioception

Sensory awareness is the key to sustainable change in movement habits and therefore also the key to good posture. In this workshop we explore the proprioceptive foundations for balanced, efficient, and graceful movement patterns. Workshop is open to SI practitioners and other somatic educators. Topics include:

• Revising inefficient breathing habits.
• The importance of pelvic floor orientation for respiration, spinal alignment and hip mobility.
• Tension in the face as a “lid” on the spine that blocks full embodiment of the central line.
• Cues for staying grounded and relaxed in tension-evoking times.
• Spatial orientation as a source of bodily support.
• Applying the tensegrity principle to the Rolf 10-series as well as to performance of other somatic disciplines (e.g. yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, dance).

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