Exploring Fascia & Deep Tissue Body Mechanics

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Location :1 Chome Kitahama, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 541-0041, Japan
Start Time : 09:00:00 AM
Start Date : Oct-24-2019
End Time : 05:45:00 PM
End Date : Oct-25-2019
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Exploring Fascia - Advanced Palpation for Manual Therapists

(8 hours) This one day class is intended to give the manual therapist and bodyworker a solid base in the advanced palpation techniques used by Structural Integration practitioners.  We will explore the current research with regards to fascia and myo-fascial tissue, understand the Morales Method® way of approaching myo-fasical tissue, and then practice these advanced palpation techniques.  This way of working is the hallmark for the way practitioners of the Morales Method® work and can also inform other practitioners in other modalities.

Body Mechanics  

(8 CEU hours) - Knowing how to use your body effectively, efficiently, and safely while performing bodywork can make the difference between a rewarding career and one filled with frustration, injury, and burnout.

This workshop is meant to give bodyworkers not just the tools they need to perform Deep Tissue manual therapy with better body mechanics, but it will also introduce them to a concept that is rarely brought in body mechanics education, the mind-body connection. We will cover techniques but more importantly lay down a foundation of firm understanding as to why we go into improper body mechanics in the first place.

This class is based on the book, "Mastering Body Mechanics" and will cover the physiological, psychological, and cultural aspects of body mechanics; awareness exercises to understand the Newtonian aspects of body mechanics; and effective, efficient, and safe body mechanic techniques for Deep Tissue and seated manual therapy. Experience some great work and camaraderie with fellow students and learn how proper body mechanics can help expand your practice. This workshop is ideal for manual therapists at all levels of expertise, body structure, and abilities.

For further information and to register in Japanese 日本語, click here.

In English, email marty@moralesmethod.com.

Posted By Marty Morales / May-20-2019

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