Four Day Dissection Scotland

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Price :£895
Location :St Andrews KY16, UK
Start Time : 09:00:00 AM
Start Date : Mar-25-2019
End Time : 05:00:00 PM
End Date : Mar-28-2019
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I had planned to run a five day class in St Andrews in 2019, but the university were having some challenges in fitting the class in around their increased schedules and offered me a four day slot instead.  This actually is an ideal opportunity for people with less time, to be able to attend a dissection class and in order to make it work I’ll be doing things slightly differently.  It’s also priced accordingly and is somewhat cheaper than the full five day classes at £895 while at the same time giving a similar and intensive anatomical experience that would expect from my class.

I will prepare our cadavers in advance so that the work and time needed to explore the initial layers of skin and superficial fascia will already be mostly done.  We will still examine these structures in detail, but in this way we will be able to save a day yet at the same time cover all the learning outcomes that we would normally cover, and have time to take part in discussions and demonstrations as we normally would.  You can find the five day layout here.

At this time of year, there is no student accommodation available, so attendees will need to find their own accommodation in the town.  There is a wide range of locations available and plenty of Airbnb properties, so you shouldn’t have a problem.  It’s a small place, so once you get there you won’t need a car either.

The university is a state of the art facility and time and again has shown itself to be one of the most forward thinking and open universities that we have had the pleasure to deal with.   I know that this class is going to be hugely interesting and fun and you will learn loads, at the same time being in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet.  As always please email me or phone me with any questions. julian@functionalfascia.com or 07778 641171

All attendees will be required to be a member of a professional body and comply with our Terms and Conditions  

Posted By Julian Baker / Sep-06-2018

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