Laboratory 4-Week Intensive

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Price :$6,000
Location :San Francisco, CA, USA
Start Time : 09:00:00 AM
Start Date : Apr-08-2019
End Time : 05:00:00 PM
End Date : May-06-2019
Event Description

4-Week Intensive: For this deep diving somanaut-submersion course, we will thoroughly and systematically explore the entire human form from surface to skeleton. 4 team members per table will dissect the whole body together, day by day, exploring details and structures that can only be emphasized in a longer format course. The course will run full days Monday-Friday, with optional 1/2 day study hours the first three Saturdays; the fourth and final 1/2 day Saturday is mandatory. This is a once in a lifetime bucket-list type of opportunity scheduled to coincide with Gil's 25th year of teaching his Intensive Hands-on Human Dissection Workshops.


All laboratory workshops are structured to support the participants in a community oriented approach to hands on learning. Through various short talks, conversation, and the dissection process, participants gain deeper anatomical knowledge as well as greater self-awareness.


To cultivate rare and unforgettable learning opportunities where the participants dissect whole human cadavers for themselves and the benefit of the group. The process of doing so is profound, as the participants will witness, engage, and experience their whole human anatomy.


Participants bear multiple responsibilities. Dissection involves differentiating tissue, safety consciousness, care of the donor forms, workspace, and each other. We create an environment of teamwork, enthusiasm, and excitement, while intending to bring what we discover to the world.


Fixed tissues afford the luxury of time when exploring the human form. When the donor forms are chemically preserved, their texture and color alters, and they move less, while holding their shape more. Some structures when fixed are definitely easier to work with (eg. brain and CNS, viscera, glands, etc.). There is also an increased safety factor when tissues are fixed. There is a distinct chemical odor infusing embalmed tissues, but this is easily forgiven for the learning opportunity which they afford us. We could not grasp the whole structure without the benefit of preservation.


"Unfixed" means that the donor form is preserved by refrigeration only, with no chemicals. Time is more "of the essence" when we explore unfixed bodies. When the tissues are not preserved, their movement properties can be more easily demonstrated and understood, while structural shapes can be more elusive. While there is no chemical odor or toxicity, additional care is required due to the increased biohazard situation. Brilliance of color and fluidity of tissues are magnified. All donors are tested with a thorough blood screening prior to use.

For whom

Hands-on therapy practitioners, fitness professionals, yoga and pilates teachers: people making regular use of anatomical knowledge through touch and movement. I also admit carefully screened engineers, fine artists, sculptors, dancers and body-explorers who desire to enhance their knowledge and commit fully to the process. Prior dissection experience is not required. NCBTMB and others accredited.

Cost and Terms

TO ENROLL: See schedule above for event tuitions. Click on Application Packet to begin enrollment process. Submit non-refundable, non-transferable deposit: $1,000 ($2,000 deposit for 4-Week). Balance due 8 weeks before class. My course production costs are VERY high! So, no refunds made for cancellations within one month of the start date of the course. Send no deposit until you are invited and you are certain you can come. Submission of deposit is acceptance of these terms

To Enroll

Click on the "Application Packet" button and add the Application Packet to your Library to begin your no-obligation enrollment process.

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