Put Head On

Event Information
Venue :Rolf Yoga, Saal
Location :Saal Gemeindestr. 19, Zurish
Start Time : 09:00:00 AM
Start Date : Mar-24-2023
End Time : 05:00:00 PM
End Date : Mar-26-2023
Event Description

A "bon mot" attributed to Ida Rolf states that the first six sessions are merely there to prepare for session 7. She was of the opinion that if you do not manage to “Put the Head on” in session 7, you take the risk, that many gains from sessions 1-6 may be “undone”. This because the 6kg head will, over time, pull everything back to where it was originally. In this workshop we will cover
- strategies for how to build this support in sessions 1 -6
- and cover all aims and techniques for session 7, incl. the oral and nasal work, as they were originally taught.

This is a workshop that will benefit - not only - but especially beginning practitioners.

We will review on day 1 everything covered in the first workshop 'Put the Head On 1'.
On Day 2 we will spend most of the time reviewing Session 7.
On Day 3 we will look at the implications of the discussion for Sessions 8 - 10.

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