Scoliosis - Unraveling the Confusion - David Davis

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Location :Saal Gemeindestr. 19, Zürich
Start Time : 12:00:00 AM
Start Date : Sep-15-2023
End Time : 12:00:00 AM
End Date : Sep-17-2023
Event Description

This workshop is designed to give practitioners a working model of the origins of Scoliosis, the kinds, qualities, models and strategies to move your client to greater ease and grace in their body.

David Davis, a founding member of the Guild for Structural Integration, began researching scoliosis more than 25 years ago.

His wife Lorraine developed scoliosis at the age of 11, after being involved in a critical car accident. Her injuries resulted in a disparity in the length of her legs, an uneven base of support in her pelvis and chronic pain. Her discomfort motivated Davis to explore how structural integration (SI) could affect and change a debilitating condition such as scoliosis.

Fr - Sun: 9AM - 5PM


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