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Company Name : Crestone College of Structural Integration
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Year Established : 2014
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The Crestone College of Structural Integration (CCSI) was incorporated in the state of Colorado in January 2014.

CCSI’s mission is to:

  • 1) train qualified candidates to become professional and competent practitioners in the art of Structural Integration, as transmitted through Dr. Ida P. Rolf
  • 2) inspire respect for the integrity of the embodiment process
  • 3) create, promote, and inspire a vital community of practitioners exploring the living essence of Structural Integration
  • 4) provide continuing education and advanced trainings to qualified practitioners of Structural Integration
  • 5) train qualified practitioners to teach the art and practice of Structural Integration
  • 6) educate the public about the profound benefits of Structural Integration on the human experience
  • 7) promote and conduct research on Structural Integration and its effects on living organisms

We endeavor to teach SI in a safe, supportive, nurturing, and loving environment.

The Crestone College of Structural Integration does not discriminate against race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or veteran status in admissions or in its education program or activities.

The Art of Seeing - David Davis

David Davis, co-founder of CCSI, instructor, and early student of Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., describes how Rolfers see human structure; he points out that seeing may not be what we ordinary understand it to be, from the point of view of a seasoned structural integration practitioner.

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What is Integration?

In this short clip, David Davis asks a question "we don't often ask": what is integration? What do we integrate with in Structural Integration? His answer plays off Dr. Ida P. Rolf's well known saying, "Gravity is the Therapist"

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How to clear confusion in the body: a definition of structural integration - Buddy Frank

What we may perceive as a "normal" body derives from patterns developed since the our time in the womb. As life unfolds, we contract around these patterns into a shape that, from the point of view of structural integration, is anything but normal. Instead we could be expanded and free. CCSI Co-Founder Buddy Frank maps out the viewpoint of Structural Integration in this short video.

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The Role of Four-handed Work in Continued Education

An important focus of continuing education for Structural Integration practitioners is to increase their sensitivity to their clients. At CCSI we utilize the Four-handed work as a means to do so, and each participant receives a three-series from David and Buddy. In this short clip Buddy Frank explains the relevance of the four-handed work to our ability to "meet the client", consciousness to consciousness.Four-handed work (the practice of two practitioners working with one client) is a unique method for entering into the practice of fascial layering. When we work alone, it can be easy to miss the specific fascial layer that meets the client. Time and life pressures can prevent us from finding our connection to gravity, and we end up giving a session that the client might (or might not) enjoy, but doesn’t necessarily meet them or work with their underlying issues.With two practitioners the work can only happen through fluent communication. If we are not present to our own sense of balance within the gravitational field, it is immediately apparent, as we will not be able to communicate through the fascial layers. In essence, successful four-handed work demands total honesty and presence. We can’t pretend the work – we are either directly engaged with the other practitioner and the client, or we are not.In CCSI’s four-handed workshops the students develop the skill of meeting the client. This skill opens the SI practitioner to working with all types of people: athletes looking to improve performance, people searching for a way out of pain, or those seeking personal transformation, to name just a few. When we understand the infinite depth of fascial layering, we become available to work with anyone who shows up – the work will always have efficacy – and be invigorating and alive, both for you and your client.

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Meet The Client

Structural Integration involves touching clients and moving their fascial layers in a process that facilitates balance in the earth's gravitational field. To "Meet the Client" implies something more than simply contacting and touching. It refers to a level of awareness and sensitivity beyond simple physical touch. Buddy Frank, Director and Instructor at the Crestone College of Structural Integration, explores this vital and critical aspect of Structural Integration practice.

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