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Company Name : Liz Stewart Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Educator, and Mentor
Contact Name :  Liz Stewart
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Location : 1290 Yellow Pine Ave Boulder CO 80304 United States
Year Established : 1992
Hours of Operation : Monday - Friday 9-4:30
Accepted Forms of Payments : I accept all forms of payment
Credentials : Advanced Training: Guild For Structural Integration Basic Training: Guild For Structural Integration
More About Liz Stewart Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Educator, and Mentor

I've been practicing SI since 1992 and teaching since 1992.  I related to this as a practice, and continue even after all these years to take and teach Continuing Education.   I have two branches of my practice:

1.  Structural Integration:

 I do the 10 series, the Advanced Series and Ongoing  work (sometimes called Post-10 or Post -Series) on an  as needed basis allwith roots to the theory of  Dr. Ida P Rolf.  I add a few things... my ongoing CE trainings that are a mixture of even more SI, Cranial, Visceral, Movement Awareness, Vascular and relational skills.  I like to say I work forward from the roots.  

2.  On-line and in person Mentoring/Supervision

I've aprenticed with my teachers, (several were direct students of Dr. Rolf),   spent decades  in the classroom both as a student and instructor and dedicated over  20  years to continual studies in supervision and group dynamics.  Now I provide mentoring/supervision either one to one, in groups, and in person or online.  Shifting the culture for practitioners and instructors to make room for their interpersonal development is important and I hope to bring this into the foreground.  When we make room to study and talk about  our reactions and responses to our students, clients even our peers, there is an opportunity to create a truly integrated experience that we can be fully apart of too!  


Supervision with Liz Stewart

Structural Integration Group SupervisionDiscover your style and  expand your awareness.  I have had the pleasure of  meeting  Liz Stewart on a few occasions and I have also taken up supervision with Liz in relation to teaching. After graduating two groups of ATSI graduates I feel supervision is hugely important and I love that Liz is bridging this gap and helping practitioners feel less isolated. I feel this is something all practitioners should take up. I asked Liz a few questions about the importance of supervision and the main one being why ? Why should students take supervision? Read what she has to say.Julie Hammond ATSI -AU/NZ Liz StewartLiz Stewart is an Advanced Structural Integrator, International Educator,  and Supervisor/Mentor  in the bodywork community. Liz holds the passionate belief that through group or individual supervision a practitioner can best establish the framework for self-care and subsequently more fully realize themselves within their work. Her work has been described as comprehensive and deeply transformative.  Her clients refer to Liz as highly intuitive, strikingly observant, and laser sharp. She has  learned over time that an integrative approach is, by its nature, an exploratory process. We are asking, what's possible here?  We are not producing but instead engaging with the client.  Since completing her training in 1992 at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO,  Liz has maintained a commitment to continuing education in a variety of modalities and complementary thought to support her clients and students. She trained in SI with direct students of Ida Rolf’s (Peter Melchior, Emmett Hutchins, Stacy Mills, Heather Starsong, Gael Olhgren,  Dorothy Nolte, Jim Asher, Tom Wing and others.) She also has trainings to support and inform  her SI work  in  Trauma Work, Movement Awareness, CranialSacral, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Neural/Vascular, Group Therapy and Supervision.  Her group training spans an 20 plus year period.  Liz has grown an online presence over the last 5 years that includes the founding of SIconnect, consultation, supervision, and mentoring. She also hosts an weekly online supervision program through www.Ehealthlearning.TV.

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