Our Aim

The aim is to build a central comprehensive resource that signposts professionals and the general public to information and services relating to alternative healthcare in Structural Integration. Whether you are visiting to learn about Structural Integration, seeking a practitioner or a training provider, SI-Directory offers: 

1. A searchable Directory to find Structural Integration Practitioners Worldwide. Their profiles include information about them, clinic locations, services, qualifications and educational material via articles, videos and blogs. 

2. IASI recognised SI Training Schools. Learn the lineage of Structural Integration. Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, dedicated Schools of Training have carried her knowledge through generations. Shaping our sector, The International School of Structural Integration (IASI) has produced recognised standards of training. Schools recognised by IASI are listed in this Directory. Their profiles, location, courses, objectives and teachers helping those who wish to train in Structural Integration find their ideal learning partner. Continued Education is offered to qualified SI practitioners through CPD / CE Schools. 

3. Pioneers of Structural Integration. Those who have been influential in developing the knowledge and wisdom of working with the human structure that has influenced so many practitioners Worldwide. 

4. Pioneers of Fascia Research. Without whom we wouldn't be able to explain what happens beneath our hands when we contact the body. Those who have taken us away from discarding fascia, to gaining an understanding this amazing sensory organ, its role in human function, pain, movement, well being, surgery and much more. Alongside the directory, there is newsletter sharing news, research and upcoming information related to the SI schools, fascia research and practitioners Internationally. 

If you wish to nominate a Pioneer of Structural Integration or Fascia Research please email us

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