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Company Name : Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe/European Rolfing® Association
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Location : 5 Saarstraße München BY 80797 Germany
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Year Established : 1991
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Since our founding in 1991, our teachings have been based on the key elements of Dr Ida Rolf’s work on Structural Integration.

Rolfing® incorporates this and the study of new scientific research within the fields of Fascia, Functional Anatomy and Movement™ education. This combination makes it possible to master the challenges we face today.

There are scientific breakthroughs all the time and we ensures that our Faculty have the opportunity to continuously educate themselves. Being part of an International Faculty team means they cooperate together to ensure their teachings are always meeting the highest standard.  

Ida Rolf left us a profound foundation of her concepts and her practical approach. This foundation has to be developed further in the present and in the future while respecting the original intentions of the founder. And that’s what we do here at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe.

We offer Rolfing® training in three levels, continued education, advanced courses as well as courses in Movement™ and Anatomy to enrich your current occupation.

Whether you would like to upskill or complete the whole journey as a Rolfer with us, rest assured, at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe, you are in the hands of a highly trusted Institution. Teaching multilingual courses in our own training centre in Munich and other locations throughout Europe.

We are committed to your education and want to see you succeed along with the over 1,000 certified Rolfers that have completed their studies with us over the last 30 years.

With your certification, you will become a member of the European Rolfing® Association, with over 700 active Rolfers all over Europe. Our community offers continued support throughout your whole career. A Rolfer must be a member of our association in order to be certified to practice Rolfing in Europe. View here to find a Rolfer in Europe. 

Structural Integration

Structural Fascial Bodywork - Foundation of Rolfing® 10 Series

Level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork is the second level of education at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute. The course teaches you the principles of Structural Fascial Bodywork to a professional level, based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’.Classes are grouped into 8 individual modules of 3 to 8 days each, spread over about 9 months.Step-by-step, you’ll explore the ‘Ten Series’ of Rolfing sessions and practice these with each other and with a client. Lessons on ethics, building your practice and writing a business plan complement the practical part of the course.Entry RequirementsCompleted required level 1 Myofascial Foundation workshops (depending on your previous experience)Received the ‘Ten-Series’ from a Certified Rolfer or Structural Integration practitionerA personal statement where you tell us why you want to study this course, why now, and describe your experience with the Ten-SeriesA 1-day first aid course (you can do this in your country with an accredited provider, eg the Red Cross)A basic criminal records check  CertificationOn successful completion, you'll receive a certificate in Structural Fascial Bodywork. This qualifies you for further study towards becoming a Certified Rolfer (level 3).Module DatesModule 1 – Thu 15 to Sun 18 Sep 2022 Module 2 – Thu 27 to Sat 29 Oct 2022Module 3 – Thu 24 to Sun 27 Nov 2022Module 4 – Thu 15 to Wed 22 Dec 2022Module 5 – Thu 26 to Sat 28 Jan 2023Module 6 – Thu 02 to Sat 04 Mar 2023Module 7 – Thu 27 Apr to Thu 04 May 2023Module 8 – Thu 15 to Mon 19 Jun 2023 (exams on 18 and 19 Jun)PaymentDeposit - 1000 € (will not be refunded if the level is cancelled)M1, M2, M3 + M5, M6, M8 - 610 € eachM4 und M7 - 1220 € eachWho is this course forpractitioners of related bodywork disciplines, for example, manual therapists, osteopaths, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors or Gyrotonic teachers – who want to implement Structural Fascial Bodywork in their practicepeople who want to delve into bodywork for their own benefit, for example, if you’re a singer, dancer or actorcareer changers – if you’re coming from a different line of work, this is a great pathway towards a career in bodyworkThis is not an entry-level course. You’ll need to have some previous experience in bodywork, and depending on your skill level, you’ll need to complete some of the Myofascial Foundation Workshops (level1).You’ll learn aboutmanual intervention based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’ of the ‘Ten-Series’ of Structural Integrationrecognising movement and posture patterns bodywork techniques that you can implement in your own practiceethics around working with clientspractice building and business plan

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Touch workshop 3: interacting with the fascial net of the the trunk

It's the third of three touch workshops within the Myofascial Foundation.This workshop is a good place to start, if you:want to deepen your existing skills in myofascial bodyworkare a manual therapist, osteopath, or pilates or yoga instructor and want to expand your professional skillsare thinking about a career in Rolfing – as this workshop helps prepare you for the next level of trainingYou’ll learn aboutexploring the trunk – chest and abdomencontinuing the explorations of the first two Touch workshopsexperiencing how the fascial network connects different parts of the bodyhow Rolfing touch can address restrictions in range of movement and fascial pathwaysAt the end of this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learnt, under your teacher’s supervision.

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Anatomy Dissection Fascia

Anatomy workshop 3: sensing from the core

It's the third of three anatomy workshops the Myofascial Foundation.This workshop is a good place to start, if you:want to deepen your existing knowledge of anatomy in context of Rolfing Structural Integrationwant to learn about how human bodies are designed and functionare a professional manual therapist, osteopath, or Pilates or yoga instructor and want to discover the specific characteristics of the fascial systemare thinking about a career in Rolfing – as this workshop helps prepare you for the next level of trainingYou’ll learn aboutthe anatomy of the the chest and abdominal cavityexploring different transverse structures in the body, such as the respiratory diaphragm or the pelvic floorhow Rolfers understand the idea of the ‘core’ as containing and contained structures within the bodyhow the fascial system is a sensory organ with a relationship to the nervous systemes’

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