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Becoming a Rolfer

<p>Brief description of how I became a Certified Advanced Rolfing Practitioner Personal website: www.rolfing-london.co.uk</p>

Structural Integration Session with A Carter Evans

<p>A sample Structural Integration session given by A Carter Evans.&nbsp;</p>

Thigh 5cm Cross Section - Fascial Net Plastination Project

Adrian Woolley discusses her 5cm Cross Section of the Thigh Plastination Project and the “bags within bags” structure of the aponeurotic fascia, septa, and epimysial fascia. Video Credit: ©F...

The heart - Pericardium - Fascial Net Plastination Project

Jo Phee discusses the protective and supportive fascial covering of the heart, the Pericardium. The Fascial Net Plastination Team's dissection of the pericardium left the primary fascial connections i...