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Company Name : Institut fur Strukturelle Korpertherapie
Contact Name :  Dr. Herbert Grassmann
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Location : 12 Jagdstraße Nürnberg BY 90419 Germany
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The SKT Institute sees its task in researching the interaction between body and psyche. The latest findings from Stephen Porges' polyvagal research and Robert Schleip's fascia research illustrate the connection between stress and the resulting fascial tension in combination with a lack of mental regulation. The fascial network that connects muscles, bones, organs and cells is called the network of life. It is closely related to the autonomic nervous system and determines how we feel from moment to moment. A stressful event can harden the fascia. At the same time, the permanent voltage informs the brain that danger is imminent. A vicious circle arises. In order to create a permanent physical solution and regulation, it is important to understand both systems and to study their interaction. Diseases of civilization such as chronic back pain, cardiac arrhythmias or depressive moods can only be cured permanently if both systems are taken into account. Based on these discoveries, Larissa and Herbert Grassmann developed novel intervention strategies, which they convey in their training and further education courses using the approach of neurofascial integration .

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