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Having Structural Integration sessions with Angela has been fantastically helpful, particularly in relation to the development of my body awareness and skills as a rider. Her work is the best way I have found to unravell the stuck places in the fascial net, and to develop balance, ease of movement etc. It's also my secret anti-aging strategy! Mary Wanless BSc. BHSI FRSA.

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Angela's approach is very professional. She is superbly knowledgeable about human anatomy and has an incredible way of approaching musculoskeletal problems in a holistic way. I have had several sessions with her and each time I come away walking and moving very differently. I have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues who have been equally delighted.

Treatment made me balanced and pain free!

Angela listened to me and did an indepth assessment to see what i needed and then gave me a fantastic series of treatments to work with my body and help me to feel balanced and pain free again. Straight away after the treatment I felt much easier in my movements and even in my breathing. I'd thoroughly recommend Angela to anyone who is interested in making the most of their body and feeling good!

Wish I had discovered SI sooner....

After several years of knowing there was something not quite right with my body and learning to 'cope' with an ongoing back complaint a friend of mine recommended a session with Angela. Although i am still part way through my SI journey I honestly cant believe the difference this treatment has made to my physical well being. It amazes me how Angela can just take one look at you and easily identify the areas that need working on. Every session leaves me walking away with a body that feels ever closer to the perfection i desire! Angela is so knowledgeable and great at taking the time to explain things i might find difficult to understand, more importantly I find spending 2 hours in her company very easy. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone, its one of the best decisions i have ever made.

Angela Donovan Treatments

Angela is my 'go to' person for treatment on a regular basis. I am an Osteopath and I need my 54 year old body to keep working in order to pay my mortgage. Angela deals with all the injuries that I present to her with a depth of thought and treatment that surpasses all others that I have tried. I have no hesitation in commending her. Jerry Longland. BSc MBA BSc. Registered Osteopath. Shenington Osteopathic Clinic

Running freer and feeling better

I decided to take the plunge and see Angela after many years of struggling with consistent shoulder, neck and groin injuries for most of the past decade as well as intermittent headaches for much of the last two years . Whilst I am only half way through my treatment it has thus far been a revelation - I can twist further and bend deeper than I have been able to in years plus my headaches have disappeared. As well as feeling loads better in my self i have also taken 30 seconds off my 5k time in 2 months despite running less. Angela is a complete professional and able to explain clearly what she is doing and why. I highly recommend her and the treatment. James William

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Angela is very kind, caring a friendly which make you feel totally at ease. The knowledge she imparts with you allows you to easily understand what is going on with your body and the homework you receive allows you to self help. A day or longer after the session I can feel the benefit of whatever area of my body has been worked on. Angela only sees you if she thinks there is a genuine need to which comforts you knowing your getting value for money. The sessions last 90 mins which is a long time in comparison to similar methods of functional help. I would highly recommend seeing Angela.

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