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Absolute belter

Brilliant people, brilliant wisdom, brilliant practice, brilliant workshop! Genius in fact!! Love love love the SI meets structural acupuncture, so much crossover, please do more!!

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Post 10 Advanced Workshop Leamington Spa UK August 2018

Firstly, I have to declare an interest: I received my training - both the auditing and practitioning phase - from Nilce. As a result, her workshop was like coming home and being wrapped in a warm blanket. Everything about it was welcoming and comforting. Nilce is an increasingly rare phenomenon; she is steeped in the traditions of The Guild back through to Dr Rolf and the original students she left her practice to, Peter Melchior and Emmet Hutchins. Within her, the original fundamentals of SI continue. That is not to say she is unable or unwilling to embrace new ideas, rather that she filters them through the lens of the original work. The workshop was open and expansive. It was helped enormously by having practitioners from several schools. The discussions were lively throughout. Nilce led by example, never happier than when giving a session (something all of us received). The workshop was great. Working with Nilce and seeing her work was a privilege.

Thanks for the workshop

I am very glad, that I could be on your workshop. New view for my practise. But I need a little more time to improve my work.


Amazing time with Nilce, wery inspiring for me due to her high;) Interesting and very practical and artistic one...

Pavel Srkal - one of participants

In my honest opinion this workshop was for me fully understandable and all the information was delivered by down to earth individual with sensible approach.

Worshops on 4 and 5 sessions by Nilce Silveira, Prague 8/2018

Nilce helped me to think about fourth and fifth session in a new way. Thanks to her we were involed in SI and I realised the deep roots of this metod. It was fantastic experience for me. Than you.

Workshop with Nilce and Jeffery 2019 in Bath UK

Nilce’s workshops are always fab. I always love the pace, ease of learning, interaction between the participants, and the level of knowledge Nilce has, and more importantly is eager to share. Her 2018 UK workshop was my favorite workshop for years and with Jeffery in 2019, it seemed like the icing on the cake. Another wonderful, enlightening and learning experience. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

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