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My Body Feels SO Much More Comfortable

I have just completed my ten Structural Integration sessions with Jill. I had a number of long-term problems that caused chronic pain in my back and neck and I didn’t know what was not to have a headache. Since coming to see Jill I feel a great benefit in so many areas: I feel taller, I feel I carry myself better. My sinuses are clearer; I even sneeze more comfortably, if you can believe that?! My neck feels better. My back feels better. I feel I have more muscle tone in my arms - and so much more. I also feel a lot better within myself. I also feel a lot more relaxed. That's all down to the ten-series with Jill.

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What A Journey!

I was really at the end of my wits with the hip and back pain that I was experiencing. It came to a head when it was affecting my work and my everyday life. Rolfing was suggested by someone that I knew and I got in touch with Jill. I started the Rolfing journey in March and completed my tenth beginning of August. Emotionally it opened up a few boxes so I can only describe the experience as a big rollercoaster. I can even remember still having pain at number six and thinking this just isn't working. I kept at it because I had nothing to lose at this point. I am so glad I did. I never thought that I would feel this good. I have no pain and I am in no more pain which is priceless! Now I can get on with my life and start doing things that I had stopped doing for the best part of two years, things that I enjoyed. If you are in any kind of pain whether it's back pain, hip, legs etc and are sick and tired of the only option being painkillers then I would contact Jill. Thanks lovely lady!

Female, Age 57, Scoliosis sufferer

I suffer chronic musculoskeletal pain caused by Scoliosis kyphosis, Osteoporosis and Degenerative Disc Disease. NHS advised me to embark on regular weekly exercise (Yoga, Pilates, Core Gym work & Aqua-fit class). After a Yoga class Jill approached me in her role as a Rolfing practitioner. I had tried various alternative therapies with little improvement in pain reduction so was initially sceptical. I had 10 sessions: after Session 3 I was standing straighter, feeling more centred and grounded. By Session 7 my balance was better, breathing capacity improved & range of motion/posture dramatically improved. There was some reduction in pain levels. This will be an ongoing program of 6 monthly visits for me. Jill and I worked well together, she is a delightful, caring, highly experienced practitioner. I feel grateful to have found such an effective , dedicated S.I. Practitioner in my local community. I would like NHS to consider S.I. therapy for fellow Scoliosis sufferers. Thank you Jill

Feeling wonderful

Just home from my 10th session, Jill had worked wonders, eased all my aches and pains! After an operation a few years ago I grew to accept I would always have niggles, aches and pains the doctors only offering medication and I wanted to put that off for as long as possible. I was recommended Jill so dropped her a mail really not knowing if this was for me. I noticed after just the 1st session my hands were less painful by the 3rd I was able to look over my shoulder when driving without moving my body (I hadn’t even noticed I was doing that). Don’t get me wrong the sessions some sessions where not relaxing or comfortable but Jill distracted me with her enjoyable chat. After my 10th session I rarely feel the need for medication, I am more flexible and moving around with easy, maybe better than I did befor the op! I would highly recommend anyone to contact Jill and find out how she can help them.


Had extreme back and leg cramps causing severe tension all over body, had trouble relaxing as all muscles felt contracted. Visited Jill with back emergency on a Sunday and after session felt immediate benefit. Signed up for the full course that day. Back tension has almost gone but what remains is due to repetitive work situation. Now visit every two or 3 months just to keep things relaxed and supple. Would thoroughly recommend this therapy, had tried various chiropracters in the past but results were short lived usually lasted about 6 to 7 weeks.

Never felt so good

What can I say, the whole experience of working with Jill was fabulous, her easy going manner, witty banter and extensive understanding of the human body allowed me to feel so comfortable and relaxed from the very first session. The changes I both seen and felt in my body totally blew my mind. Over the course of the 10 sessions I could see my body structure change right in front of my eyes, removing a spinal lordosis, realigning both my shoulders and my hips, brought a knee cap back into alignment and removed much tension from the neck area. During the 10 weeks, I found an extra 1.5 inches in height........Totally amazing results, I think everyone should have this opportunity to see how good the body is designed to feel. Really looking forward to doing some advanced work with Jill.

Don't hesitate ...

10 weeks well spent and I will miss the regular contact with Jill who provided a thoroughly professional experience, with the benefit not only of physical musculoskeletal improvements , but also a general feeling of well-being . She is great company, puts you completely at ease and has a wealth of knowledge in her field. I cannot recommend her care,and the rolfing process, enough.

Rolf work is, IMHO, the Best Adjunct to Chiropractic Care

I had an accident in childhood that left me with lumbar region injuries and unilateral sciatica and sacral nerve paraesthesia. This led me to a career as a Chiropractor but my body needed more. I went through the ten Structural Integration sessions with Jill. What I found was that my chiropractic adjustments held better, my symptoms of sciatica and paraesthesia were reduced. And something that I wasn't looking for because I had learned to live with it, my balance returned. This was an amazing plus: for years simple things like shampooing with my eyes shut was potentially dangerous because I could not maintain balance - I had to keep an elbow on the wall. To explain Rolfing simply, it is the deepest tissue work I have ever done. Tissue imbalances that are years old, and now a problem unto their own, not just a side effect of subluxation are removed. Tissue is literally untangled and order is introduced to the structure through movement and awareness education. Thank You Jill!

Sciatica pain relief

Having endured buttock/leg nerve pain over a period of years, I'm delighted to share my experience of Rolfing. Jill took close account of symptoms, explained how she recognised what was happening and thereafter kept me informed at all stages. Comfort was of prime concern, but actually I found it all very relaxing and pain free. My outcome has been transformational, walking the Main Street yesterday I found myself smiling and oh so grateful to be pain free. I thoroughly recommend Jill she'll put you at ease from beginning of treatment and do her utmost to resolve your problem Carol Bradburn


I've just had another amazing session with Jill Campbell. The experience as Jill worked on my upper body, neck and face was transcendent. I felt my physical body opening up into new areas and spaces. It was as if I was inhabiting my body more fully and also connecting with something quite magical within and outside of myself. I could feel the difference in my meditation practice afterwards – the energy flow through my face, jaw and upper chest was so much freer. These sessions are releasing areas of blocked energy / pain within me so beautifully. And the pain I had been experiencing in my back was gone by the end of the session too. I highly recommend Jill. Her skill and expertise is wonderful and I feel blessed to have access to this beautiful therapy it has helped my body's alignment so much.


I undertook the Rolfing sessions at the suggestion of a friend who recommended Jill. I am so glad she did. I'd fallen and twisted my knee and was having hip and achilies pain on the same side. Having a science background I knew what fascia tissue was but didn't know much more about 'Rolfing'. Jill has an excellent knowledge and explained things fully giving information on the next session at the end of each one. She answered any questions I had. After session 1, I could feel the inside edges of my heels, shoes confirming I walked on outside edges. After session two my whole body had loosened off. I so looked forward to the next session to see what benefits it would bring. There were many. Occasionally the sessions were a little uncomfortable but the discomfort is a small price to pay for the benefits each session brings. Jill is an excellent practitioner who has become a friend. I will miss my sessions but not my pain. I can't wait for my six month ' check up ' Everyone should be 'Rolfed' at least once in their life.

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