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Company Name : Jason Derbyshire Structural Integration
Contact Name :  Jason Derbyshire
Location : Level 2 Posturefit Studio, 10 New North Rd 23 Gilberd Place, Torbay Auckland Auckland 1021 New Zealand
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Year Established : 2003
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 Hi There,

I am reaching to anyone who is in physical pain and experiencing the ongoing mental and emotional side effects. I am reaching out to anyone who feels like they have tried everything without relief. To you I  say “I can help”

If you are not familiar with my work below is a little about me and what I do.

Who am I? & What do I do?

I am deeply passionate about helping people, how I express this passion is through one on one hands on Bodywork.

I am professionally trained and have been practicing Structural Integration for 15 years.

During this period I have continuously pushed myself to evolve and grow as a Bodyworker to be as effective and efficient as possible. I  have spent countless sessions fine tuning the original Structural Integration 10 session series often referred to as Rolfing or Hellerwork. Throughout my exploration I trained myself in the Anatomy trains 12 session series and have found that both have their place in my tool kit depending on the client. The fact that both these Structural Integration approaches are scientifically backed up is fantastic, however, it is the daily success I experience with my clients that revalidates and reinforces these techniques power to heal.

Due to the thousands of hours of hands on time I have accumulated, my ability to listen to the needs of the human body through sensitive touch has led me to a point whereby, I can truly be guided by the bodies own innate wisdom. What this means is the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bodywork techniques i employ are greatly enhanced because of how precise I can be. This is not something that magically occured or a special gift, It is the outcome of years of hard work and dedication to my craft and my clients. 

In my experience holding space is the essence that underlies effective therapeutic Bodywork. This can help shift emotional blockages and allow people to deepen into their own experience and thus take each Bodywork session to a whole new level. My experience as counsellor is invaluable when clients start to process the emotional shifts that often occur during my sessions. By holding a professional safe space people feel comfortable to do the inner work they need to move forward in their lives.

If you have had enough of you pain, then the Bodywork I do is for you.

If you have had enough of not operating at the level you know you can, then the Bodywork I do is for you.

If you have tried “everything” to “fix” yourself and have had limited success, then the Bodywork I do is for you.

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Jason Derbyshire

Structural Integration / Myofascial Release

T:   021-0233-7833

W:  www.jasonderbyshire.com

F:   Facebook.com/Jasonderbyshiresis

L:   Level 2 Posture Fit Clinic, 10 New North Rd Eden Terrace, Auckland


"Helping you get back your moves




Submitted by Chris Lindley on Friday, Nov 12, 2021

So much more than your typical consultation

Jason brings to his consultations an integrity and authentic concern for his patient and understands the full potential of the structural integration practice. Our appointments are sometimes just a peaceful hour where I get to relax and reflect. And on other occasions they include reflective and informative conversation and sharing of our experiences in other parts of our lives that can impact our health and physiology. As well as seeing great results personally, I pursueded my 75 year old father to have a series of structural integration sessions. He has been a mountain runner for 40 years and was well known for his forwad and sideways lean. After just one session that lean has gone and he felt considerably more comfortable and easier on his feet. He is a very pessimistic man when it comes to alternative methods of health work. But no longer!

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