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Bibiana Badenes is an influential somatic educator from Benicasim, Spain, where she oversees an innovative body-mind rehabilitation program for rheumatoid arthritis patients; directs the BodyWisdom series of conferences; and is the head of Kinesis, a somatic therapy clinic. She is also an Associate teacher with Til Luchau Advanced Trainings. Trained as both a Physical Therapist and a Certified Advanced Rolfer™. 

Director of Kinesis Center for Physical Therapy and Movement in Harmony, which offers different therapies, focusing mainly on musculoskeletal problems, both acute and chronic. Bibiana works in a completely personalised way with each patient, using Rolfing©, movement education and the Matrix Rhythm therapy© in order to accelerate the recovery process. Having suffered debilitating backaches and other limitations she has developed her intuition and finds the individual necessities for each person. Her work is an active meditation, each day she feels more respect and admiration for the possibility to work and resolve problems and needs together with her patients, and, above all, for them to find their own way to enjoy and maximise their life potential.

Bibiana always wanted to work with methods and therapies which complemented one another in order to get the best results. She doesn't call anything she does alternative; she works with common sense, empathy and everything learnt from university, the streets, from nature, from real life relationships and from herself.

She has created and worked with residential programs for rheumatic patients from abroad. This program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, and it has treated over 2000 patients. She has also worked on programs for stress management (Bank clients) and international programs for personal development. Having been a swimmer and taught swimming to children and adults of all ages while at University this evolved into being co-creator of Integral Aquatic Therapy, which complements all work done outside of the water in an extraordinary way. A TIA session is an experience not to be missed!

Bibiana has worked with Swedish companies since 1998 (Haga Rehab/Travel Point) seeing clients of all ages. She is also a consultant for health material for the Swedish company ABLE LOUNGE.

Recently she has discovered Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms. This way of moving her body has given her such joy and pleasure.  Dancing and moving in such a way that it has been a discovery that has made her re-connect with her true essence.

Bibiana has given courses at various universities and centers throughout Spain and Internationally for health professionals and people interested in well-being and holistic health. Currently she is working on the creation of a program called Body Intelligence, and she believes that by discovering our potential via the body, the bases for greater emotional and physical intelligence and the self-care and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and premature ageing are possible.


Rolfing in children: displaying its potential - Bibiana Badenes

I wrote this article, more than 22 years ago I finished my training in the Rolfing method, I have recovered this article that I wrote in the magazine Body Mind in num 50, the little children are my children Nico and Claudio. I realized the importance of their full potential, especially Claudio who was born with a torticollis that kept me awake many nights, placing and changing his head on his side, because it hurt and he had an atrophy of the mastoid Esternocleido on one side and all the musculature of the face. Today I am proud of them but especially because I see the results in the children with whom I have worked all these years, it is wonderful to see that through the body we are developing our personality, well I do not roll over here I leave the article,Rolfing - Unfolding the power of the childThanks for sharing.

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Living with Rheumatism - Bibiana Badenes

Taking care of oneself is not just taking medicine or doing exercises. Self-care with RA is about understanding yourself as a person.Working with symptoms is not enough. What I have learned through these 18 years is that I am really interested in the person, I have realized that although we must deal with the presenting symptoms, what is most important is to emphasize education when the person is not in an acute crisis so creating a better order and understanding of the person with awareness can really make a difference,to prevent future problems, rather than focusing only on the patient’s symptoms I should engage the person to take care of self and to be educated to have a higher quality of life.Treatments that I recommend are :Manual therapy , listen to the body and wait for the person´s nervous system to respond so that motion restrictions are diffused as the client’s awareness grows. Also the use Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, and other massage techniques. Movement education and body awareness are important aspects of the exercise therapy so patients can adequately adapt and maintain new movement and alignment patterns. Patients can change the way they perceive and understand their bodies through movement awareness.Hydrotherapy ,since many of RA patients have limitations, water should be a key point within the RA program. Exercises, movements and aerobics could be done also in water starting with mobility exercises and progressing slowly into cardiovascular and resistance exercises. The work of Integral Aquatic Therapy works with the fascial and joint restrictions of the client within the lower-gravity environment of a heated swimming pool. In this method, the client is supported by the water and held by therapist ́s arms and with some floats while being moved in ways that are not easily accessible on a table so as to achieve fascial release and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.The aim is to educate each person to live in his or her own body; something that is missing many times in rheumatism treatment. Patients tend to only live when they have pain. When they are fine, they are not really enjoying their bodies. To live in their body is what I want for them. Come back to the body. Come back to your own perception. Come back and feel you are alive.The 3H program that I have created offers the RA clients time to recognise and learn to respect the potential of their ability on any given day, neither forcing an unrealistic expectation of performance nor being hindered by the physical limitations of the previous day. In my opinion this acknowledgement and acceptance of being in the present is very important for the manual therapy that I do named fascial release.Our thoughts, our emotions, our postures, and movements are the history of our lives and they have taken toll during the years.Discovering the potential in people and finding a way to create vitality, equilibrium, and well- being is my goal. I have no doubt that prevention carried out in a way that we enjoy it is the best medicine there is.

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