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I completed my training in 1992 at the Guild For Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, I have studied body therapies that will support and inform my work. I am in private practice in Boulder and Longmont, CO. As a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (www.theIASI.org) I offer courses for Continuing Education, I also lead Groups for Practitioners and continue my ongoing study within this wonderful field of work.

What interests me about Structural Integration is how the client’s experience before, during and after a session and/or series of work takes shape. I like to know what brings a client in and how we can work together to build a relationship based on the ideas of Dr. Rolf.

I have learned over time that an integrative approach is, by its nature, an exploratory process. We are asking, “what’s possible here?” We are not producing but instead engaging with the client.


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