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Company Name : The FIX Athletic Injury and Recovery Center
Contact Name :  Ken Smith
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Location : 1315 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd Suite C Matthews NC 28105 United States
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Year Established : 2000
Hours of Operation : M,T,TH,F and Sun - 10-7:30 W and SAT - CLOSED
Accepted Forms of Payments : Cash, Credit and check
More About The FIX Athletic Injury and Recovery Center

You've been on my mind.

Yes, you. If you're like many people we work with, it's likely that you have some "body wishes". Perhaps you wish to play baseball again...or have the foot strength and mobility to play soccer again. Or maybe you've been so ailed by the pain in your hips that you can't do the philanthropic work you're so passionate about...or bend down to pick up your adorable grandson.

Think about how often you are in a horrible mood when your back hurts, when your hips are tight, or when you can't move your neck. No fun for anyone.

Jim Lawrence, a previous client of ours (and quoted above), was in your exact same shoes. He had found himself in a situation where the lack of mobility in his body was drastically affecting his career, contributing to debilitating pain, and stifling his overall sense of happiness.

We are pleased to say this story has a happy ending. And in our sixteen years in the bodywork business, we are also happy to say that these results are not only possible, but quite common…EVEN FOR YOU!

This is what Jim had to say about his experience with this program:
“As a personal trainer and athlete I have been plagued with my fair share of injuries. At 44 years old, however, some injuries simply would not subside with simple rest or personal strengthening alone.

Just getting out of bed was a huge effort before I found this program.

I tried acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic. I even went to an orthopedic surgeon! YIKES! I would get temporary relief, but none of them gave me the knowledge or productive results I was seeking.

This bodywork system allowed me to get back to the activities I love without the aches and pains that I had grown used to.” — JIM LAWRENCE

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