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Company Name : Advanced Rolfing
Contact Name :  Bruce Schonfeld
Location : 2212 Pico Blvd Suite 202 Santa Monica CA 90405 United States
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Fascinated by the inter-relationship between the container and the contents, Bruce Schonfeld was Certified in Rolfing Structural Integration and as a Rolfing Movement Teacher in 1994. Since then, he has taken the Rolfing Advanced Training 3 times. He has studied Visceral Osteopathy/Manipulation since 1996 with many different teachers. Bruce took his first class with Jean-Pierre Barral in 2000 and has logged over 300 hours with him directly since then.

The Secret Life of Fascia - Film Trailer

Watch the trailer produced by Advanced Rolfer, Bruce Schonfeld's film. World renowned fascial scientist Robert Schleip and a team of experts will take us on a fascinating journey exploring the missing link connective tissue (Fascia) plays in sports, exercise, health and fitness. Historically absent, misunderstood, and/or marginalised in medical and anatomical texts, "The Secret Life of Fascia" shines an evidence-based spotlight on sports science, underlying mechanisms, and manual therapy. Dense with relevant information for keeping fit and athletic training, this celebration of the global body features professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes from a myriad of sports.Visit the Secret Life of Fascia Facebook Page

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