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  • May-25-2018
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Advanced Intensives with Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson. Open to all who have completed the three basic modules.

For those who have completed their basic training, and who wish to continue to explore the SourcePoint path, we are offering for the first time SourcePoint Advanced Intensives. These trainings will not proceed in a linear sequence, as with the first three modules, but will spiral through the fundamental principles and practices of SourcePoint Therapy. We will come together in that field we have come to know so well in the first three modules, deepening our understanding of the Blueprint, the Guardians, and the Points. With practicums, discussions, meditations, demonstrations and daily Awareness sessions we will refine our practice and explore ever-new territory as it reveals itself. Bob and Donna will provide personal guidance to the participants with their questions about their practice and in helping them integrate SourcePoint into their work. We’ll explore the best way for each practitioner to expand on the fundamental principles and practices learned in the basic training and the subtleties of working with energy. There will be more on the use of the Navel Point for different levels of healing. We will explore further the archetype of the healer and how to connect with that to strengthen us in our work and life. We’ll deepen our understanding of “the art of healing” and work with imagery and mandala. Content will vary in each Intensive according to the need of the group.

As you know at this point in your SourcePoint practice, when we come together in this field much personal healing takes place. In these Intensives we remember the ancient dictum: "Physician, heal thyself." These five days give you the opportunity to continue your own personal healing process in a field of loving support, of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Join us to experience once again the healing power of community connected to the Blueprint.

We are working with building and maintaining a SourcePoint community so that we can support each other on an ongoing basis. These Intensives are an important step in that direction.

What is Sourcepoint Therapy®?

SourcePoint Therapy® works with energetic structures and patterns to connect the physical body to the universal blueprint of health, a concept that is found in many healing traditions. Through this connection, we access the fundamental information of order, balance, harmony, and flow necessary present in the universal energy field that is necessary to create and sustain life.

In Module One, participants receive a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of working with the blueprint, and learn the body scan technique that reveals the energetic blockages obstructing the flow of information from the blueprint.

In Module Two participants learn the SourcePoint Therapy® approach to working with the sacrum, how to utilize energetic structures to optimize order and balance, and guardian points on the body that strengthen the connection to the blueprint.

SourcePoint Therapy is intended to enhance the effectiveness of any healing approach. It was developed by a Rolfer and is particularly effective for Structural Integrators wishing to include the energetic approach in their work.

Benefits of SourcePoint Therapy® Training

How will SourcePoint Therapy® training specifically enhance / change / benefit my practice and clients?
SourcePoint Therapy® training enhances the efficiency of Structural Integration non-formulaic work by providing effective tools for answering the three primary questions: “What to do first, what to do next, and when are you done?”

The SourcePoint Therapy® body scan allows the practitioner to locate the energetic blockages that are often the source point for the presenting symptom pattern. SourcePoint Therapy® training provides simple approaches for addressing these energetic blockages. SourcePoint Therapy® provides practitioners with an energetic container for their work, enabling what they do to hold longer. Practitioners report that when they integrate SourcePoint Therapy® into their practice, they have more energy and are less tired. They are working more efficiently, and every time they connect with the universal blueprint of health in a client session, they are receiving the benefits of that connection themselves. SourcePoint Therapy® training gives the practitioners simple modalities to share with clients so that clients can participate in the healing process. Kelly, a Rolfer from Kansas City reports: “SourcePoint Therapy® has enhanced my Rolfing skills to a whole new level…I would say it’s doubled my clientele in just the past six months.”

Sourcepoint Therapy® with Bob Shrei Modules 1 & 2

Module One:

The Blueprint: Fundamental Principles and Practices of SourcePoint Therapy 
Introduces the theory of the blueprint of health, teaches energy scanning techniques for locating blockages in the energy field, and instructs the student in the principles and use of the fundamental Source Points (the Diamond, Golden Rectangle and Navel Points). Focuses on off-the-body work directly with the energy field.

Module Two:

The Inner Temple: Sacral Therapy, Guardians of the Body and Energetic Structures. 
Focuses on points located on the physical body that open, relax, and support the sacrum, as well as guardian points to activate the immune system, the natural guardian energies of the body. Introduces meditations and visualizations for connecting with the blueprint through the symbol of the inner temple. Works with energetic structures in the energy field to bring balance and order to the flow of energy in the physical body.

Sourcepoint Therapy® with Bob Shrei Module 3

Module Three:

Drawing Out, Releasing, and Re-Structuring: The Golden Rectangle, the Guardians and the Navel Point. 
Further work with the Golden Rectangle points and their relaxing, pain-relieving qualities. Explores advanced use of the navel point for addressing birth trauma and emotional blockages, as well as how the Source points help re-structure the energies subsequent to the release of old patterns. Also in-depth work with the Guardians of the body; drawing out and clearing foreign energies from the physical body.

Registration, Tuition & Refunds

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