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Company Name : New School of Structural Integration
Contact Name :  Steve Bulger
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Location : 668 N Coast Hwy Laguna Beach CA 92651 United States
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The New School of Structural Integration (NEWSSI) is an organization of higher learning, which is dedicated to teaching the art and science of restoring and reorganizing the body’s connective tissue and myofascial systems. Founded on the principles of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the educational program offers you an unparalleled opportunity for experiential learning, personal growth, transformation, and acquiring the necessary skills for a respected professional career in Structural Integration.

Rewards of Being a Structural Integration Practitioner

Structural Integration practitioners are a unique group of health educators. Your training as an SI practitioner is the foundation upon which to build the professional career of your dreams. SI practitioners are among the finest trained and highest paid health educators in the world. This career allows a practitioner to integrate their training with a variety of enriching continuing education opportunities. As a Structural Integration practitioner you will be a leader in a new, more integrated, holistic and balanced health care system.

Education Philosophy

NEWSSI believes in and delivers dynamic, hands-on, experiential learning. We are a student-centered organization and are responsive to the learning needs of every participant. Learning is an intensely personal process and an integral part of our growth. The continued exploration of the body, in greater and greater depth, illuminates and brings into focus the awareness of one’s self, leading to an understanding of who we are with our clients and who we are in the world.

Mission Statement

We guarantee you a rewarding career that includes both profound, valuable results for your clients and professional, financial success for you. Our school fulfills this promise by providing:

  • Student centered commitment
  • Intensely education driven focus
  • Boutique training environment
  • Cutting-edge teaching technologies
  • Stimulating state of the art lectures
  • Interactive audio-visual presentations
  • Comprehensive, custom support materials
  • Digestible eighteen-month modular format

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New School of Structural Integration

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New School of Structural Integration

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New School of Structural Integration

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