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Company Name : Japanese Institute of Structural Integration
Contact Name :  Yasutaka Okada
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Location : 29-16 Miyamoto-cho Kishiwada-shi Osaka Prefecture 596-0054 Japan
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Year Established : 2018
More About Japanese Institute of Structural Integration

As a certified school of the International Structural Integration Association (IASI), the JISI Japan Rolf Body Structure Integration Association offers a comprehensive training and continuing education program of Rolf's body structure integration method that meets international standards.

At JISI, Dr. Rolf himself or teachers who directly appointed by Dr. Rolf told the JISI faculty members 10 basic sessions of basic sessions, "without change, as it is", to the next generation It is.

JISI spreads methods for this superior physical restructuring and reeducation that develops the potential potential of human beings, especially the health of people living in Japan, the quality of life (quality of life), well-being (Happiness) to improve.

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Structural Integration

6th ​​Osaka Rolf Practitioner Training

Now accepting applications for participation in the next basic training beginning after October 2024.Japanese Institute of Structural Integration 6th generation basic training scheduled for after October 2024 (3 years extended format, 2-3 days on weekends: 512 hours).JISI\'s \"Osaka Rolf Training (ORT)\" is conducted based on the world-wide Rolf Training guidelines, and is affiliated with the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI), the international training certification body for the Rolf method.・Certified by (the Integration Federation) . Graduates can become internationally certified practitioners of the Rolf Method and work in Rolf communities around the world. In addition, practitioners who complete a postgraduate continuing education program offered by JISI will be issued IASI-accredited continuing education credits (Category I: Core SI Studies). [Tuition fee] *5th period referencePhase I: 560,000 yenPhase II: 560,000 yenPhase III: 840,000 yenInstructors: Neil Powers, Yasutaka Okada, and instructors invited from overseas Assistant instructors: Mayumi Okada, Kazuhiro Emoto, Keisuke Sakado, and others

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Japanese Institute of Structural Integration

Fascia Release and Rolf method Basic & Advanced course

Basic & Advanced Structural Integration Training, Japan, Rolf Method, Nilce Silveira, Neal Powers

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