Fascia Release and Rolf method Basic & Advanced course

  • Structural Integration
  • May-19-2022
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  • This workshop is aimed at all those who are interested in fascia release and Rolf method. Everyone can participate regardless of qualifications or occupations.
  • If you are the first time to join, please take it in order of basic 1. Once Basic 1 and 2 are completed, you can participate in Advance 1.
  • Basic, advanced, we will issue a certificate of completion at the end of each course.
  • Every time, we accept some students. (Please contact us for more information)
  • The Basic Course also plays a role as an introduction course of the Osaka Rolf Practitioner Training Course.
  • Completion of this workshop (10 days in all) is mandatory for participation in the Osaka Rolf Practitioner training course.
  • For Osaka Rolf Practitioner Training Course , please see this page .

Topics in Basic & Advance Course

  • Fascia network, its distribution and connection
  • Properties of fascia collagen, gel and sol
  • How to use the body and consciousness for fascia release
  • Layering (access to a target membrane structure)
  • Five steps for fascia release
  • Notice the change in membrane structure (fluidization)
  • Vertical pressure and offset, other developmental methods
  • Transmission of force vector, weight transfer
  • Utilization of movement in fascia release
  • Viewpoint of breathing, posture, walking (body · seeing)
  • Body structure and function
  • What is harmony with gravity
  • Body as a tensegrity structure
  • Construct relationship with client
  • Ethics as a person touching
  • Sense and awareness
  • Thinking, emotion, sensation, image and body correlation
  • Body and Spirituality Other

How to Apply

Please enter necessary information on the workshop provisional registration form at the bottom of the page and press the "provisional registration" button. In that case, please be sure to let us know the information of the participants.

We will send guides and documents with attached file so please register your e-mail address on PC.
After provisional registration, we will send you a document describing the method of book registration by e-mail (or post). 

Temporary registration is also accepted by telephone (072-457-8701). (Inquiry reception time / Monday to Saturday, 9: 30 ~ 17: 00)

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