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Psoas Rhomboid Balance

Excellent, new view for me.

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I had a chance to come back, review and practice the great original 10 sessions and also learn a logical progression of the original series with the appropriate movement for each of them.... and finally refining and simmering that into advanced series... Neil Powers and Ales Urbanczik are great teachers and fun to be around. Pilsner Urquell fresh in Prague as nowhere else in the world. Great idea of gathering graduates from all SI schools and adjusting course price accordingly to practitioners income/location. Thanks for make it possible.

nilce in turin

The Training with Nilce was excellent. She is the Grand Old Lady of Dr. Rolfs work.

SI Education Poland 2016/2018

I became interested in SI during the second year of physiotherapy studies. Unfortunately, there was no possibility of training in my country. I waited for such a possibility for 5 years until it appeared with Ales Urbanczik and Adam Polański as teachers. It was the best and most developing training I was on, and as a physiotherapist, I had about twenty of them. In a clear form, we received a recipe for a series of 10 SI. But that was not the most important thing. Thanks to the personality and warmth of Ales and Adam, I felt safe going through the difficult path of learning SI. They showed us how to let ourselves move in the sea of ​uncertainty and trust intuition and what we feel under our hands. They positively strengthened our efforts and gave way to failures, which were a lesson in humility and the search for the right path. They also gave us the opportunity to find our own way of working without imposing their habits. I definitely recommend it!


The strongest sentiment I took home with me was the humility in which we were taught. Never before, in no workshop or class in the field of physiotherapy, have I ever encountered this. It was always a teacher-student relationship, with an incredible power imbalance often bordering on contempt for the student. I have an enormous appreciation for the humility in which we were taught.

Nilce Silveira 4th and 5th session workshop

Seminář byl senzační, ona byla skvělá a moc milá a doufáme, že zas brzy přijede. Kromě desetiletí zkušeností má Nilce mimořádnou schopnost je předat a být u toho velmi kamarádská a lidská. Cítím se velmi obohacena. Workshop with Nilce was great. She is an outstanding hands-on teacher and a very nice person. We all hope she will come back to Prague soon. Not only does she have decades of experience, she has a way of sharing her knowledge the friendliest and most personable way. I feel enriched.

Workshop based on head work by Ales Urbanczik 12/2018

I would like to thank for this weekend workshop. It has helped me to think about SI sessions in a new way. Ales’s style of teaching is genius he tries to show us everything in a very simple way and it works. Calm atmosfere and liberty that are present during his workshop are amazing. Thank you

Basic course of SI, Prague 2016-2018

When I first heard about SI and when I saw some videos with doctor Ida Rolf on youtube I was impressed altough I wasn’t sure what was hapening:-). I started to look for some possibility to study a course in Czech Republic. I Was pleased to find out that CASI offered an education of SI. The course that led by Ales Urbanczik fascinated me and absolutly changed my life. Thanks to this course I decided to leave my job and start as a full-time SI practioner. Ales is one of the best teachers I have ever meet. Thank you for everything.

Recipe based Post-10-work with Nilce Silveira

It was wonderful to observe how Nilce gets in touch with anybody she works with; whole dramaturgy of the sessions, its pace, and depth of encounters… And great pedagogical generosity. It was a really great workshop!

Nilce Silveira’s workshop in Prague May 2019

This time in Prague Nilce once again offered warmth, humor and kindness along with remarkable knowledge and experience. Not to mention the fact she did a fantastic job on my hip, so in a few days I was able to hop around NYC like “one of us”, something unthinkable just a week before! Thank you Nilce, come back anytime, Prague loves you! HD

New Perception, new Feeling... new offer for other clients

Nielce show me new perception of my body. Especially deeper tissues and its harmony and release. Thank you that I can offer it to my client...

Post-10 work based on the Recipe. Instructor: Nilce Silveira,

I am very grateful for this workshop with Nilce Silveira. It was an amazing three days that once again confirmed the depth and strength of the recipe that Dr. Rolf left us here. I would like to thank GSI for having the opportunity to meet great instructors who show us the beauty of Structural Integration.

David Davis Scoliosis

It was excellent looking how David works, how he listens and understands bodys and gives new feelings. I have never seen how to work with such Scoliosis. It helps me with some blocks and I'm looking for working with clients. Highly recommend this workshop...

David Davis - Scoliosis: Unraveling the Confusion

It was tremendously inspiring for me to know how soft and gentle and at the same time deep and restructural can be a therapeutic touch.

Workshop Mary Bond in Warsaw

Workshop with Mary Bond was a great experience for me. We could work with our perception to better feel the client's body and relationship with him.

Advanced training 2019 Prague with Neal and Fulvio

I would like to say….it was just outstanding experience with fantastic teachers and great participants….Thank you.Petr

Exploring the Mystery of the Psoas/Rhomboid Balance

I would like to thank Ales for the amazing workshop he has prepared for us, the way he teaches us is really fascinating. again I realized the power of the recipe of ten sessions and step by step i see the relationships fall into place. Throughout the workshop there was an amazing atmosphere full of good.humor and positive energy, integrating us into one great family, into one new whole.

Hodnocení workshopu s Alešem o víkendu 17.1. - 19.1. 2020 v Praze

Nejlepší workshop, co jsem kdy zažil. Děkuji moc. Pavel


What the workshop gave me: uncovering new contexts in the body, deeper understanding of body functions not only analytically through the mind, but mainly grasping through personal experiences, more sensitive perception of my body and others, new practical manuals for manual therapy and movement guidance of the client; a series of charming stories and wise insights, supported by life experiences. I rate it great. Lenka

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