Announcement of experiential seminar - The introduction to Structural Integration / Rolf Method

  • Jun-28-2018
  • European Guild for Structural Integration

Basic Training Course in Structural Integration - in Italian

The first basic training in Structural Integration of the Guild Europe in Italian language will start in March 2019. The training will be carried out in monthly modules of three days each for a total duration of two years.

I studied the Rolf method of Structural Integration with Emmett Hutchins at the Guild for Structural Integration and in 2011 I became an operator. This year I had the opportunity to participate in one of the last weekends of the organized modular course of the European Guild and I was able to appreciate the effects of a modular teaching format distributed over two years. They are professionals who are already working and bringing structural integration into the world ... and they already do so at a very high level. Dario di Lorenzo

Description of the course

The heart of the Guild Europa training program are the principles and the techniques contained in the basic series of the 10 sessions of Structural Integration as they were conceived by Ida Rolf, without additions or modifications deriving from other modalities. The training takes place in modules lasting 20 long weekends and has the following three phases:

Phase 1 - 6 long weekends for a total of 152 h in the classroom

  • Skeletal and myofascial anatomy
  • Biomechanics and Structural Integration
  • Physiology and biochemistry of the fascia
  • Analysis and interpretation of human structure and movement in order to conceive coherent strategies for manipulative interventions that can improve the structure
  • How to behave in a therapeutic relationship
  • Exercises to be taken to care for themselves in order to become a competent IS operator
  • Anatomy and theory of 10 basic sessions

Phase 2 - 6 long weekends for a total of 152 h in the classroom

  • Practice of the 10 Basic sessions during which the trainee students exchange the work between them

Phase 3 - 8 long weekends for a total of 202 h in the classroom

  • At this stage, under supervision, each trainee student practices 10 base sessions on 3 external models

Study at home

  • In addition to this, students should consider at least 500 hours between home study and practice.


  • The course will be held by Fulvio Faudella who will be assisted by Dario Di Lorenzo. Four training modules will be conducted by special teachers, bearers of Ida Rolf's lineage and there will be opportunities to have Aleš Urbanczik - the director of the European Guild for SI. To see the curriculum click below:
    Fulvio Faudella

Dates of basic training 2018/2020

  • 08. - 10.03.2019
  • 12. - 14.04.2019
  • 10. - 12.05.2019
  • 07. - 09.06.2019
  • 12. - 14.07.2019
  • 06.- 08.09.2019
  • 04. - 06.10.2019
  • 08. - 10.11.2019
  • 06. - 08.12.2019
  • 10. - 12.01.2020
  • 07. - 09.02.2020
  • 06. - 08.03.2020
  • 03. - 05.04.2020
  • 08. - 10.05.2020

Course announcement Click here for Info

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