Toward a Cohesive Visceral Model for Rolfing® Structural Integration

Event Information
Venue: Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
Price: $750
Location: 5055 Chaparral Ct Boulder, CO 80301
Start Time: 08:30:00 AM
Start Date: Oct-26-2024
End Time: 05:30:00 PM
End Date: Oct-28-2024
Event Description

This Continuing Education class is open to Certified Rolfers® and practitioners of Structural Integration who have completed an IASI Recognized SI Program.

Rolfing® theory does not have a coherent agreed-upon perspective regarding the relationship between viscera and the musculoskeletal systems of the body. While there are well-developed osteopathic methods, aka Barral, these methods focus on the viscera predominantly with little attention to the relationship of visceral fascia to the deep fascia. The Stecco’s have analyzed the anatomical and physiological relationships between the visceral fascia (organ systems) and the deep fascia (musculoskeletal system). The visceral fascias have specific regions of attachment to the deep fascia.  These regions create powerful transmissions from the viscera effecting structure via the deep fascia and visa versa (powerful transmissions from the deep fascia effecting the viscera). This course will draw from these anatomical relationships to enhance your ability to effect structure in the context of Rolfing® Structural Integration. We will apply this information to deepen our ability to see, feel, and effect patterns of maladaptive structure and function.
Additionally, a research-based physiology of fascia will be discussed and applied.  We will consider what is a densification in the fascia.  How does this densification feel to you the practitioner?  How does a densification feel to the client?  What are the possible causes of densification in the fascia?  What is the role of hyaluronan in fascia? 
The course will include lecture/discussion periods, skill-building practicums, and the opportunity to exchange a session with a colleague. 
Lecture/Discussion Topics:
  • Detailed fascial anatomy - deep fascia, visceral fascia (investing and insertional)
  • Relationships of insertional fascia to deep fascia
  • Fascial densifications (causes, palpation guidelines, effective treatment)
  • How intake forms and the interview process can orient you to the fascial relationships between viscera and musculoskeletal systems, and guide treatment strategy
  • Palpation and treatment of densifications relating viscera and deep fascias in the abdomen, thorax, head, and neck
  • Palpation and treatment of densifications in the girdles as they relate to load transmission to/from the visceral
  • Palpation and treatment of densifications in the girdles as they relate to load transmission to/from the visceral

About the Instructor

Kevin is a faculty member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®. He trained under all six of Dr. Rolf's originally appointed faculty. He has enjoyed being a practitioner of the art and science known as Rolfing® for over 30 years.
Kevin is a licensed Physical Therapist and was employed by the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation where he provided Rolfing to individuals in a chronic pain program. He previously served on the DIRI Board of Directors as the Board Chair for five years.
Kevin is passionate about Rolfing as a traditional and evolving healing art form.

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