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  • May-19-2022
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 CE16.18 The Volumetric Thorax

This class is one of two complimentary workshops in which we will examine the relationships between the thorax and the pelvis. We will utilize the Two Way Operator model of seeing, as well as the functional model of G and G' to guide our exploration.

In this class we will focus on detailed anatomical relationships of the volumetric thorax. We  will discuss new perspectives on how we can use touch to change the ways our clients perceive their bodies. We  will examine the implications of those perceptions on our structure, function, and the experience of pain.

Central to my teaching are the following questions: What is Integration? What does Integration look like?  How can we facilitate Integration? It is not my goal to answer these questions in a definitive  way, but to invite an inquiry into different paradigms of thinking from traditional bio-mechanical perspectives to elements of current research in perception, cortical maps, and pain science.

Juan David Velez is a Faculty member for The Rolf Institute® and has been teaching in all phases of the basic training for twenty years. His passion lies i n the philosophical framework of the work. As a teacher, his goal is for students to understand the material with a depth and clarity that allows the material to be a launching pad for th eir own creativity.

Sally Klemm, Guest Instructor, has maintained a private practice in Hawaii over the past thirty two years. A member of the Advanced Faculty for The Rolf Institute, she is delighted with the prospect of participating with beloved colleague, Juan David on Oahu.

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