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  • Nov-16-2021
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An Homage to Dr. Ida Rolf’s Work Inspired by John Lodge

The first handwritten notes to what ultimately became her 'magnum opus', the typewritten and hand-corrected versions and the manuscript deemed ready to print give evidence to the incredible amount of work Ida Rolf, Rosemary Feitis, John Lodge and others had put into 'Rolfing - The Integration of Human Structures'. All these materials were gifted to us by John Lodge’s estate.

The package we received in March 2020 also contained John Lodge's own handwritten teaching note, sketches and drawings compiled while teaching for the Rolf Institute in the 1980's. They bear witness to his quest to understand and teach philosophical, if not spiritual and metaphysical aspects of our work - aspects all very dear to Dr. Rolf, aspects that have faded into near oblivion in the 21st century, then giving way to primarily mechanical considerations.

David Davis, Dario Di Lorenzo, Cornelia Studer, Fulvio Faudella, Adam Polański and Aleš Urbanczik became the group sorting through this material. We created a book, reintroducing these ideas to the SI world. Neal Powers, Nilce Silveira, Bert Schmitz, Zdenka Šímová, Ludek Šíma, Margaret VanderWaerden, Wendy Walker and Sharon Wheeler contributed their views on the topic.

To take a sneak peek at some of the pages simply click here.

Don Hanlon Johnson - "What an unusual and lovely piece of work. Thank you for these wonderful materials."

Carol Ann Agneessens - "A beautifully written testament to Dr. Ida Rolf's vision through preserved class notes, illustrations, quotes, session by session guidance and reflections from John Lodge and current European Guild instructors."

Will Johnson - "Wow!  What has been put together is a treasure for all of us who got pulled into Dr. Rolf’s orbit and vision. "

Dr. Edward Maupin - "Obviously this book is a treasure. However much her students have improved, say, the understanding of touch communication with the sentient body, or of the expansion of the body in gravity, this is where we start! "

Karl E. Humiston MD - "This is such an extraordinary work, that no ordinary review seems right ... Trust this book. Let it do its sacred work, which it will if you simply read it."

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