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  • May-19-2022
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Our training is a Post Graduation Course offered by the São Camilo University, São Paulo, Brazil.

The students will receive the title of Specialist in the Rolf's Method of Structural Integration after the conclusion of the program.

It is 700 hours of training, distributed over 18 months.


Muscular, Skeletal and Fascial Anatomy40
Physiology, Histology and Biochemistry of Fascia40
Biomechanics and Structural Integration40
Structural Integration Fundamentals and Methodology240
Therapeutic Relationship20
Myofascial Manipulation Techniques40
Cientific Methodology40
Supervised Clinical Care50
Structural Integration Advanced Techniques60
Total Class/Hour600

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Structural Integration training requires a commitment of body, mind, and spirit; therefore, preparation is required to begin this journey. The following pre-requisites have that finality.

Pre-requisites for Training
1. The 10 Basic Sessions
We ask that all candidates receive the ten-session series of Structural Integration to have a personal experience with the process of Structural Integration, prior to training.

2. Basic knowledge of Human Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
50 hours of Anatomy
25 hours of Physiology
25 hours of Kinesiology
3. Knowledge  and experience with massage or other form of bodywork
50 hours of massage or any other form of body work
50 hours of therapeutic experience

4. Emotional and Psychological Readiness
The candidate must be able to demonstrate personal integrity, a real interest in the welfare of others and have a welcoming disposition.

Self-knowledge is the most important characteristic that a practitioner must bring to this work. There are several paths through which you can develop these traits, for example attending seminars and workshops in psychological awareness, meditation or psychotherapy.

The ability to establish and meet long-term goals is also an indication of maturity required to be successful.

All application materials must be submitted at least one month prior to the class starting date and all tuition fees must be paid in full three weeks prior to each class. Early registration is recommended to ensure your place as class size is limited.

1. Letter of Application: This letter should communicate to the ISSI who you are. Please describe the events that have had most impact on your life. Include a description of how SI/Rolfing® sessions have affected your body, your health and your life. Discuss the reasons for your desire to be trained in the work of SI. Please include a history of your SI sessions and practitioner’s name.

2. Application Fee: R$ 200.00 (Non-refundable).

3. Resume: Summarize your educational and employment history. Provide your address, telephone number(s), email address, date and place of birth, and your present height and weight

4. Letters of Recommendation: Please request a letter of recommendation from your SI practitioner describing your process during the 10 session series.

5. Photograph: Please send a passport size portrait photograph for our files.
6. Transcripts: Please provide transcripts of your coursework in human anatomy and physiology, as well as other classes related to SI training. If courses have been audited or taken for no credit, please request a letter of participation from the school.

Postal applications and supporting materials should be sent to: ISSI, Alameda São Caetano, 944 - CEP 09560-200 - São Caetano do Sul, SP.

You may email your documents as attachments if you prefer to process  the application via e-mail. In this case, please ensure that the quality of your uploaded documents allows clear legibility of all information.  

Each applicant will be evaluated for acceptance onto the training course on an individual basis.

Once your application is accepted, we will forward you the following information:
Enrollment Agreement.
Class Anouncements.
Housing list (where applicable).

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